QEP Standards Guidelines Q.E.P. Co., Inc., founded in 1979, is a world class, worldwide provider of innovative, quality and value-driven flooring and industrial solutions. As a leading worldwide manufacturer, marketer and distributor Q.E.P. delivers acomprehensive line of hardwood flooring, flooring installation tools, adhesives and flooring related products targeted for the professional [...]



NASCAR Photo Composition / Memorabilia While working for Mounted Memories I had an opportunity to create various artwork for the NASCAR Championships, the following are some examples of the various designs that I accomplished. All are licensed and approved by NASCAR and their drivers.

Moves Magazine


Moves Magazine Magazine Spread While working with Mounted Memories I had the opportunity to work directly with Moves Magazine, an exclusive publication dedicated to covering and uncovering the exciting, affluent, and ever-changing lives of professional athletes. I created these two full spread advertisements. The photography in the last spread was taken [...]

85th Anniversary Album


85th Anniversary Album Picture Album Design I have to give some props to my Mom for this one, she came up with the idea of doing an album to honor my Grandmother’s 85 Years. With that said I put my spin on it and created this handmade book so that she [...]

Optimum Innovation Group


Optimum Innovation Group Marketing, Production and Talent Management OIG is the evolutionary merger between traditional single line marketing, production (A/V, Music, Video, creative), and talent management. I had the opportunity to be a part of team that birthed a concept that truly provides convenience, value, and a symbiosis that is unrivaled [...]

Wedding Invitation


Wedding Invitations, Table Art & More All the invitations that I create are made by hand. The theme of the invitation is to tell the story of love and take the guest on a journey, which ends with the event itself.

Yummy Tech Lab


Yummy Tech Lab Brand Identity Yummy Tech is a start up company dedicated in creating things that work with the ease of plug-n-play. I was hired to create the Yummy Tech Lab identity and its different brands. Here is a compilation of all the work I did while under their contract. [...]

Cozy Cabin


Cozy Cabin - Office Depot Visual Merchandising Design & Production While working for Office Depot I had the opportunity to design this piece for visual merchandising of all the stores. The brand that this was created for was Divoga. The concept was created to promote Divoga Fashion Designed pieces for Holiday [...]

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