Aquatik Esports

Exhibit Design

While working for Skyline Exhibit Craft I had the opportunity to design this Professional Production Studio for the Aquatik Esports HQ.
Aquatik Esports is redefining esports with a system, custom built from the ground up to support every level of player! They came to us with an idea, after discovering their needs I designed a CAD version of the concept, once we where inline with their needs, likes and budget. I designed a 3D render of the design. Aquatik Esports loved it! Our Custom Shop did a great job of making my design a fully funcional Professional Broadcast Studio.

Below a presentation video created by Aquatik Esports of their brand new Professional Broadcast Studio.

You can also visit their website for more information:

First Stage of the design process is having a discovery meeting with the client. This allows me to understand the clients goal, budget and needs. Once the discovery meeting is completed, I begin the design process in a CAD Draft, this allows me to be precise in the structure design.

Second Stage of the design process is creating a 3D Render Presentation. This allows me to present to the client our vision in a realistic setting.

Finally, the end result.