Project Description

Yummy Tech Lab

Brand Identity

Yummy Tech is a start up company dedicated in creating things that work with the ease of plug-n-play. I was hired to create the
Yummy Tech Lab identity and its different brands. Here is a compilation of all the work I did while under their contract.


Flomio is a Techstars Cloud 2012 company, in which they enable new conversations and connections between people, merchants, and brands.
Their experience engine responds to NFC and RFID, delivering personalized content in friction-free fashion.”

When I first met Richard Grundy (Founder) this project was being born. He was looking for help and
I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of something fresh and new.
Flomio has evolved from the days where we first met at Starbucks to discuss the look and field of the company.

The following is the initial logo created for the Start Up Company under creator Richard Grundy and Myself.

Study Bob

Study Bob was a sub brand from Yummy Tech. This was a website based on gathering information of medical studies.
It allowed users to gain information to become paid volunteers for various medical testings.