CULP Home Fashions


With four decades of innovation and quality, Culp, Inc. supplies a wide range of mattress and upholstery fabrics across the globe. Culp Home Fashions is the mattress fabric division of Culp, Inc, which markets mattress fabric to bedding manufacturers.  These fabrics encompass woven jacquard fabrics, knitted fabrics, converted fabrics and sewn covers.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this booth represents a collaboration between creativity and functionality. Within the sleek architectural structure lies a space designed for connection and collaboration – a conference room that serves as the heartbeat of the booth. Step outside, and you’re greeted by an immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of design.

As a designer, I thrive on the challenge of creating spaces that captivate, inspire, and transcend expectations. Today, I’m thrilled to share one of my latest projects – the CULP Home Fashions Experiential Booth.

The primary objective of the Main Structure is to serve as more than just a conference room. It should have a dual purpose, which includes drawing a crowd and serving as a unique experience.

I ensured that the brand’s essence was not just showcased but celebrated. From every angle, the CULP logo stands tall, illuminated by strategic spotlighting that demands attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Fabric samples take center stage, transforming each side of the structure into a canvas of color and texture. Lit from above and within, these samples come alive, inviting visitors to explore the craftsmanship and quality synonymous with CULP Home Fashions.

The center of the structure is designed with frosted windows. These windows serve the dual purpose of providing a semi-private area for meetings while allowing some visibility from the outside. This design feature adds a layer of intrigue and exclusivity to the structure. and attention-grabbing manner.

As the architect behind this project, I take pride in pushing the boundaries of exhibit design. Standing at approximately 19 feet, the CULP Experiential Booth is more than just a space – it’s a testament to the power of innovation and imagination.

“Erick, a tremendous amount of praise towards the design. Many wandering eyes and lasting glances to take it all in, with one customer even noting that it was going to be the only thing they remember from the show, so definitely left a lasting impression. Thank you for being so lovely to work with and executing such a tremendous vision…”

Philip Burger, Senior Concept Artist, CULP Home Fashions

Below is a journey through the design concept from CAD Drawing to Render.